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Organic storage of bread and other products

Three-Layer Technology: bread storage bag is designed using a unique, Patented Technology that allows retaining the freshness of bread 3 Times Longer than regular cotton or linen bread bags.

The GOODLEKS textile bread bags will help those who monitor their health well because bread bought in a plastic bag “suffocates” and molds, and the consumption of such bread is harmful to life. Therefore, at home, we recommend transferring bread from the factory packaging to the bread bag and enjoying the freshness of the product for several days.

Three-layer bread bag
Bread bags

Bread bags

Bread is a product that many cannot do without. Therefore, you should know and remember how to store bread correctly in order to always enjoy its fragrant and tasty piece.

Wax food storage

Cheese bags

Wax wipes and pouches for packaging and storing food are an excellent alternative to foil and cling film. Wax packaging is a cotton fabric coated with beeswax with the addition of pine resin and jojoba oil ...

Vegetable bags

Vegetable bags

Due to the property of natural fabric to absorb excess moisture, vegetables and fruits are stored 2-3 times longer than in closed, non-ventilated spaces such as plastic bags.

Storage of cereals

Storage of cereals

Bulk products should not be stored in direct sunlight. The best place for them is in the kitchen cabinet. It is dark, cool and dry there - these are the best conditions for cereals and legumes.

Greenery napkins

Greenery napkins

Greens love moisture! A moistened napkin made of natural fabric will gradually release it to the greens, thereby creating excellent conditions for its storage. In return, she will thank you with her freshness and natural aroma ...

Gifts & Sets

Gifts & Sets

How many times in your life have you wondered “what to give”? In search of an original gift, we sometimes spend a lot of energy, time and nerves. We offer you original, and most importantly, very useful solutions to an eternal problem ...

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